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Other Services Offered by Allgood Photography

At Allgood Photography, we specialize in weddings and have been serving Northeast, Central Florida and Southeast Georgia  since 2007 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that our customers depend on.  Throughout the years many of our clients have requested additional photography services, and we are proud to make these products available to our past and future loyal customers.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 904 370-9931 or send us an
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Maternity Photography
In Home shoot using portable studio equipment
2 Hour Shoot: $175.00 -  2 8x10 CD plus of All Pictures

Glamor Photography
In Home or on Location
2 Hour Shoot: $175.00 - 2 8x10 CD of All Pictures

Family Photography
2 Hour Shoot: $245.00
Individual Photos of each member and groups
CD of All Pictures

Engagement Photo Shoot
2 Hour Shoot: $250.00
CD of All Pictures

Birthday Party or Anniversary Photo Shoot
4 Hour Shoot: $345.00
CD of All Pictures

Print23 5x7
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Retouching Services

 Standard Retouching is charged per head and includes creating even skin tone, smoothing out wrinkles for younger appearance.
Teeth whiten, and straighten is charged per head. Removing Braces is an option that is not always possible. 

 Remove Small Object & Remove Large Object these options would be treated much the same as fill in an area.

 The Clone Eye option is valuable when you have a subject with one or both eyes closed. 

 Combine Two Images a common use of this option is when you need to have a person from one image added to another

Spot Colorization is a very popular option.  This art option allows for a color image to be desaturated and an area then brought back to full color.  You will need to   indicate which area you want colored in the instructions.  The end result of this option is a black and white image (or sepia upon request) with one area that retains its original color. 

Other offered services include: Remove Tan Lines, scars, moles or tattoos, and Stray Hair as well as Retouching on Arms, Legs, etc.

Retouching Pricing

 Retouching services are ordered in conjunction with a print being ordered or on line album files being posted, but are priced separately


Price Per Subject 

$ 6.65  Standard retouch, per head

$6.65  Retouch arms, legs, etc.

$6.65  Fix tan lines, tattoos, straps, etc.

$6.65  Fill in an area

$6.65  Spot Color

$6.65  Clone eye

$6.65  Stray hair removed

$25.00  Remove braces

$6.65    Teeth Whiten

$6.65  Teeth Straighten

$6.65  Remove small objects

$12.85  Remove large objects

$35.00+ Combine 2 image


Mouse over image to see retouching

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