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Engagement Photo Shoot

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Debbie & Shawn


Jade & Shane


Casandra & Kenneth


Melissa & Ashley


Christina & Shamound


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Photos from the Engagement shoot are presented in a Flip Book, and take about 60 seconds to load depending on connection speed, click bottom right corner to turn page.

Engagement Picture

                                           Why are they important?
When was the last time you had professional moments taken of you
and your fiancée.  In my experience I've found that most couples do
not have fun day pictures. This e-session is almost like a date with a
paparazzi.  The engagement photography shoot is opportunity to     
 capture some great candid moments, before the hectic wedding day.
The more comfortable you are in front of the camera and photographer
the better the images will be of your wedding              


                                  What location should we choose?                 

My first suggestion is a place that is sentimental to you both. Place of
your first date, first kiss, or some place you visit frequently. Other
suggestions would be a park, the beach, a museum, the mall, an
 urban location, or just a walk around town.                                            


                                                 What should we wear? 

Go casual, consider using two different outfits, and don't forget to
dress the groom.  Create a theme that fit your personalities, but  
most of all dress to have fun.  Wear something you wouldn't mind
getting dirty if rolling in the grass or splashing water at the beach
 strikes your fancy.                                                                                   


                         When is a good time to schedule the shoot?      

As soon as possible you arrange for the service, the closer it gets to
your wedding day the less time you'll have to get things  accomplished.
 I can shoot anytime, day or night, but the very best time would be after
sunrise or before sunset.  Most often I spend 2 to 3 hours with a couple
and during that time I will have easily taken a hundred or more photos.                                                                       


                                         Additional information  

I can guarantee you, that once you see the images from you  engagement
shoot, you will have more confidence in yourself and  your photographer,
and will enable you to be more relaxed having a  camera pointing at you on
 your wedding day. Once you have your engagement photos there are many
 things you  can do with them, announcements, invitations, programs for
 the wedding day, and what parent does not love to have photos of their
 children. These are just a few of many ideas for you engagement photos,
 and I'm sure you can think of many more.                                                                               



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